We make sure that your message gets the right attention 

We find creative and cost effective solutions that strengthen your market position. We are sensitive to your knowledge and the challenges of your business. And we are happy to share the experience we have acquired over the years. 

Together we aim to find effective solutions for your message to go forward - eg on the Web, in print or in a radio or television spot. 

How the company's message is packaged and how clearly your brand stands affect the perception of your company and the services or products you offer. A well thought out identity, the credibility of the message and the service offered to build trust and strengthen the company's brand. We all want to enjoy the fruits of a reputable brand!

Vajer Reklambyrå AB - a full service agency since establishment in 1989

Vajer Reklambyrå AB was founded in 1989. We have successfully helped companies and organizations to  develop e.g. logos, visual identity, campaigns, illustrations, company presentations, annual reports, retouches, profile advertising on clothing and visual identity programs for e.g. vehicle parks, interactive presentations and websites. We have also designed packaging and sporting goods and produced both radio as television commercials. 

What can we help you and your business with?

Here are examples of what we can help you and your company with: 

• Logos
• Graphical profiles 
• Web Design / Websites 
• Promotions 
• Annual reports 
• Advertising 
• Banners 
• Presentations 
• Packaging Design 
• Exhibition Stand Design
• Illustrations 
• Retouches