Time for a new website that will work now and in the future? 


We will help you all the way! 

Your company's web presence is more important than ever. More and more people make use of information online, both privately and at work, at all hours and all year round. And it's all ages who surf around the web in search of information. It is often that the selection process for the purchase of goods and services starts with an eye on the web. A modern and updated website increases your chances to show what you can offer. And the better the site you have, the more chance you have to arouse interest, create a better relationship with your audience and increase your sales!


You need a CMS – a web publishing system 

With TYPO3 you can easily and efficiently update the content of your website, from any web browser. The system is very scalable and is therefore equally well to both the small business and major corporations and public administrations. 

TYPO3 is built with open source with no license costs. It is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) designed to manage websites for corporations, municipalities and public institutions – and is equally suitable for small and medium businesses. 


It's easy to get started! 

A web solution with TYPO3 makes it easy for you to get started updating your website. When we agreed on the look and created a basic structure and form, it normally takes 3-4 hours to learn how to administer the website – even for those who do not have any prior knowledge when it comes to administering a website!


Some of the advantages of TYPO3

  • Simple updating e.g. texts and images , saving time ( and consultant costs )
  • You can schedule the articles and pages so that they display the time you decide
  • You can also easily manage an intranet / extranet , where you can customize the content of the various groups that you choose to create
  • Login from anywhere. You only need a computer, a browser and access to the internet to be able to log in and work with your website
  • Sensible price. TYPO3 is a license-free system based on open source
  • Great potential for development. There are currently about 4300 modules to TYPO3 among other survey tools, forums, etc.
  • Vendor Independent. There are about 2300 companies that are working to implement/develop TYPO3
  • Powerful tool. TYPO3 is built for municipalities and corporations but is equally suited to smaller businesses because it is scalable and very flexible
  • User Administration. The tool has very powerful rights management – which means that you can control exactly who can change what.